Long Way Home By Any Means

Long Way Home is a journey of two ordinary boys from Hong Kong, Tim Cho (TJ) and Shawn Kam (KJ). As from July 1, 2014 the journey started from South America, Chile, in order to return home Asia by land and sea, without using an aircraft. They are travelling through four continents and 33 countries.

Europe’s Cheapest Cities This Year

Every year, PriceOfTravel.com updates its Europe Three-Star Traveler Index. It’s a snapshot of the current cheapest cities in Europe for budget-minded travelers, based on the daily cost of a well-reviewed 3-star hotel room in a central location, two cab rides, entry to a cultural attraction, and three meals and three drinks per day.

These Cities Will Soon be Havens for the Super-Rich

While many of the world’s multimillionaires and billionaires live in the financial capitals of London, Tokyo, and New York, many have begun migrating to cities with emerging markets and untapped opportunities to make even more money.